Gaming, graphics, and motherboard go hand in hand. You cannot be a good gamer if you don’t have detailed knowledge about computer hardware. The irony is that many pro gamers know nothing about tech, just like Jon Snow knew nothing!

This is where people like me come in. Laptop dorks. We love to play games on our laptops and strive to make gaming easy for newbies, even pros, at times.

My tech journey started as a little kid. I saw my dad using his laptop in the early 2000s, which got me hoodwinked. Little did he know I would become a laptop wonk with his first laptop still placed as a souvenir in my room!

With laptops, came the passion for gaming. I skipped lunches to save money to get new games and tech stuff. So, when things finally started to fall into place, my tech passion became my livelihood, and I started to climb up the ladder.

Today, I take pride in saying I have the latest gear. It wasn’t easy for me to have all the latest and most advanced machines in one place. Let it be gaming machines with the latest graphic cards, motherboards, RAMs, and monitors or gaming consoles, laptops, or gaming gear that any novice would envy. Hold on, kid! You’ll have yours one day. “Roger that.”

My name is Stephen, and I will take you on a crazy tech ride. My website, Laptopdorks is based on the knowledge I gained through my experience with laptop hardware and games.

I often admit that everyone is a learner when it comes to tech. I may be a GOAT for you, but someone out there is my GOAT. So, feel free to comment and reach out!

Here are a few tips to help you become a laptop expert like me!

Look for what you want: Go with what you need. Buy a purpose-oriented machine than a fancy machine.

It’s what inside: Specs matter more than looks. Just like the soul matters more than beauty. Buy a laptop that is more powerful inside than flashy outside.

Platform: Don’t be intrigued by the trends! Go with the platform you are comfortable working with.

Size does matter: Pick a screen size you can carry and move with. Bigger machines are heavy, so select one keeping your commute mode in mind.

What you want to do with it: Keep in mind your purpose. Do you want a work machine, gaming laptop, travel partner, 2-in-1, personal movie theater, or a machine for your kids? Specs and prices change depending on the purpose.

Research, research, and research: Do your homework before buying your next machine. Read user reviews, check current trends, or simply ping me for the latest advice.

Upgrade or new: It often comes down to this: upgrade or new. Well, depends on your pocket and what you are looking for. Upgrading saves money, but a new machine takes things to a new level with better specs and features.

So, you want to play games on your laptop. Check out the following tips!

  • Avoid playing games that your laptop can’t support. Yes, there are plenty of ways to get more out of your machine, but it can overheat the system. You know what’ll happen next.
  • Keep your machine cool by using additional fans and cooling pads; ensure vents are not blocked.
  • Give your laptop more juice than the games require; keep hardware specs at the upper side for smooth gameplay and eliminate lagging.
  • Change the laptop’s settings to make more room for heavy games.
  • Update drivers.
  • Close background apps before launching games or game clients.
  • Adjust your laptop to advanced power settings.
  • Turn on windows game mode.
  • Check your network speed before online gaming.

My passion for games, graphic cards, laptops, and motherboards will make me talk for hours. Gamers won’t mind, but my average reader will get bored.

Editor: John (Nerd)

Extensive experience installing, optimizing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing a wide range of computers, networking equipment, operating systems, applications and peripheral gear.

With all this said, let’s see how laptoptdorks can help you with laptops and gaming.

That’s all folks! Hope to see you around